Body Waxing for Men & Women

Body Waxing for Men & Women Electrolysis

Smooth skin and a discreet, comfortable environment are what clients of Barbara Harmison have come to expect in her 40-plus years in the salon world.

An expert in body and Brazilian waxing for men and women, Barbara won’t settle for anything less than perfection: soft skin, free of any blemishes or razor burns, a soothing environment to be pampered in and the comfort of total privacy.

Taking control of your body gives you the confidence you need to feel good about yourself. Waxing will give you a clean, smooth surface that is silky soft for weeks.

Sanitation, cleanliness and comfort are Barbara’s top priorities. All body waxing is done in complete privacy to ensure all your needs are met.  A soothing lotion is applied over waxed areas to ensure client’s comfort. Come in and experience it for yourself.

Permanent Hair Removal is another option, as Barbara Harmison is a licensed Electrologist and highly regarded in the Chicagoland area.

Body Waxing Pricing
Full Leg $65 & Up
Half Leg $40 & Up
Full Arm $50 & Up
Half Arm $35 & Up
Underarm $25 & Up
Bikini $25 & Up
Brazilian $50 & Up
Back $50 & Up
Chest $55 & Up
Abdomen $20 & Up